Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello World

In my family, everyone has a nickname. Mine is Sugie. I think it is a shortened form of the word Sugar because I was such a sweet baby. I was born in New Orleans in 1964. I lived on Rampart St with my father Honest Joe and my mother Beanie.

I must have been a beautiful baby because my Nainain (Godmother), who I called Nanny, said I looked just like a Chatty Cathy doll. As the oldest, I had an entire 16 months of total adoration from my parents until my brother showed up and ruined my one baby show.

My parents called my brother, little man. I couldn't say little man so I changed his name to Manny and 45 years later the name still sticks. Me and Manny overcome our differences and happily basked in the glow of our parents love until 16 months later when my little sister Bird showed up.

Bird became the baby and I was suddenly the Big Sister who had to help take care of the baby.  I wanted to be the baby, not take care of the baby. My life was ruined. . .

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