Friday, February 4, 2011

Cecil helps a Friend

Cecil was Honest Joe's father, my grand-father and a French speaking Cajun born in Opelousas Louisiana. Grand paw spent the latter part of his life living beside and fishing in the bayous of Terrebonne Parish.

 Cecil used round tar-dipped nets and a small flat-bottom boat, called a pirogue, to bring in his favorite catch, catfish.  Running catfish nets was hard back-breaking work,  and those who made their living that way, respected each other’s territories and looked out for one another.

One night, just as he was falling asleep, Cecil got a phone call from his pod nah, close friend, Jacques. He told him, “I’m going a way for a while and I need you to take care of my nets and my dog.” Cecil replied, “for sure, but where are you going?” Jacques said “just away” as the phone went dead.
Grand paw woke up early the next morning and harvested catfish from both his friend's and his own nets. When the work was finished, he drove the pirogue back to the dock, walked up the stairs to his home and settled down to enjoy a cup of Community coffee while reading the newspaper.

Cecil got freesôns, goose bumps, as he read the obituary for Jacques. It seems his friend had passed away early the previous day, hours before the phone call. Grandpa was startled for a moment, but such things happen on the bayou. He knew what he had to do. He drove his truck to his pod nah’s house and picked up the dog.

That dog spent the rest of his canine life, riding beside Cecil in the pirogue and sleeping under his porch . . .

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